"To Protect Men From False Accusation": Andrew Tate Announces $100 Million Donation From Prison

Now that Andrew Tate has access to his Twitter again, he used his new-found freedom to declare his plans to start a charity to protect men from false allegations.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate really wants to start a charity | © Andrew Tate via Twitter

Ever since his imprisonment by the Romanian authorities on human trafficking charges, Andrew Tate was only able to interact with the public via e-mail and Twitter. Now, the former Kickboxing champion declares that he updated his will, to donate $100 million, to create a charity to protect men fro mfalse accusations.

Andrew Tate To Donate 100 Million To Start A Charity For Men

After his arrest in Romania, Andrew Tate's situation has been updated sporadically as the controversial influencer was allowed to access his e-mail and apparently Twitter account as well.

He used those platforms to inform his fans of his living conditions, as well as keep up his image by posting stuff like this:

On February 5, Tate announced that he updated his will from prison, as to donate $100 million to create a charity specifically for men that have wrongfully been accused of ... well anything I guess.

This Tweet paints Tate as some kind of martyr, as his death would help all men that have to face false accusations.

On the other hand, it also paints a drastically different picture for his imprisonment as it makes it look, like he actually thinks he might die soon.

There were already protests to "Free Top G" before, but if his fans think he might actually die, this could escalate things.

The update to his will was accompanied by an ominous "I would never kill myself" post.

We know this phrase from the protests in Hong Kong, where people would say this to fellow protesters, so that the government couldn't declare their death in prison a suicide and make them disappear that way.

We don't know whether Tate's situation is as bad as this suggests, but it might rile up Tate fans even more, if his appeals keep getting rejected.

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