Andrew Tate's Appeal Has Been Rejected By Bucharest Officials

Andrew Tate will remain in custody for at least another month while Romanian authorities investigate the case. His latest appeal for release was rejected by the judge over fears that he could influence the victims.

Tate Denied Appeal
Andrew Tate's latest appeal has been denied. | © Andrew Tate via Twitter

Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested for numerous offenses at the end of 2022. But since being in custody, Andrew Tate has still been able to make the headlines. First for adding Adin Ross to his visitation list, and then for complaining about the apparently horrendous conditions of his imprisonment.

It should come as no surprise then that he's back in the news again. Although, this time, it's rather more worrying for the infamous "life-coach" (or whatever he technically is).

Andrew Tate To Remain In Custody Until February 27

Andrew Tate has not gone to trial yet, and is merely in custody while Romanian authorities investigate the case. However, his appeals for release have been rejected, and his stay in custody has been extended.

As first-reported by the BBC, Andrew Tate's extended custody has been deemed necessary by authorities because they fear his influence on the victims:

At the time the judge explained his decision, describing "the capacity… of the defendants to exercise permanent psychological control over the victims, including by resorting to constant acts of violence".

We hope the victims are now safe and well, but it sounds like Romanian authorities have good reason to suspect they may still be under Tate's control.

We'll update you as this story develops. Perhaps something more positive to end on? The Last of Us is getting a second season!