Twitch AI Streamers Are Now Doing React Content & Tons Of People Are Watching

AI is getting more advanced every day. Now it is even able to replicate VTubers, streaming to a large audience.

Neuro Sama
AI is getting out of hand! | © Neuro-Sama via YouTube

Recently, AI streamers are making their way into the industry, with characters like Neuro-Sama broadcasting their react-content to an average of 5 thousand concurrent viewers.

Virtual influencers have been gaining popularity over the last couple of months. VTubers like Ironmouse are among the biggest content creators, entertaining thousands of live viewers. Normally there is a real person behind the Avatar, doing the talking and planning the content.

This might change soon, as AI streamers are gaining popularity and Neuro-Sama is just the beginning.

Neuro-Sama: An AI Streamer Taking Over

Neuro-Sama is a fully AI-controlled virtual Twitch streamer that, most of the time, is playing the rhythm game Osu! Recently, the AI streamer ventured into the Just Chatting category, doing react content, averaging 5 thousand concurrent viewers in doing so.

The channel, vedal987, was already created back in 2015, but has only recently been taken off, growing 50% month over month now averaging multiple thousand live viewers.

This has got to be frustrating for all the streamers out there, working their asses off to build a community and create content just to have an AI get successful overnight.