Girlfriend Breaks Up With Rapper After Catching Him In GTA Strip-Club Pants Down

During a phone call with two of his friends, rapper Olexesh admits to his girlfriend leaving him over an incident at a strip club... in GTA.

A Rapper visiting a strip-club is nothing new | © Olexesh via Instagram; GTA 5 (Screenshot)

The two German rappers Celo and Abdi were hanging out during a livestream, when they decided to call their buddy and fellow rapper Olexesh. During their call they started to talk about his most recent break up. Who would have thought it would be related to him having some good'ol GTA fun.

GTA: Girlfriend Ends Relationship Over Virtual Lap Dance

GTA allows the player to do all kinds of messed up sh*t that would normally get you behind bars, without any real consequences. It's a game, after all, so who cares? Well, for Olexesh there were some consequences he probably didn't see coming. One day, he started the game in a relationship and finished it single.

The reason? You probably know that you can visit strip clubs in GTA, right? Apparently, his then girlfriend didn't take kindly to the idea of her boyfriend enjoying a nice little virtual lap dance and swiftly ended their relationship.

During his call with Abdi and Celo, Olexesh talked about the incident, saying:

"I once had that girlfriend, some time ago. I remember playing some GTA and going to a strip club, you know what I mean? In there, you can go into a private room to get a lap dance by one of the strippers. My girlfriend walked in on me, sees that, breaks up with me and walks out"

I guess whatever is considered as cheating is up to the individual, but breaking up because your partner "cheated" with a virtual stripper? Kinda rough.

Even Celo was in disbelief after hearing that: "She broke up with you because you cheated on her in GTA?"

Abdi on the other hand was quick to offer some good advice on how his friend could have saved his relationship, saying: "Bro, you should have gotten her some flowers in GTA, that could've fixed it!"

Hard to say if that would've worked, but Olexesh seems to be over the relationship by now, as he is able to laugh about it and take some jokes on the matter as well.