Is GTA 6 Coming Sooner Than We Thought? Here's Why Fans Think So

GTA 6 is probably the biggest mystery in gaming these days. Some days we think it's just around the corner, then we get no news for months on end, making us question whether we've just become crazy conspiracy theorists... well now some fans think the GTA 6 release is just around the corner.

GTA 6 reveal
Please Rockstar give us some breadcrumbs here... | © Rockstar

It's already been 9-months since the huge leak of GTA 6 footage hit the internet. The images leaked back then were of a very incomplete game, much of the design as part of the early stages of development. That's why some fans thought that it would be a long time before we get anything substantial from Rockstar regarding the next GTA.

But now, thanks to some leakers, it seems that the game could be released much sooner than most of us could have hoped for.

GTA 6 Release Much Sooner Than Anticipated

According to the Twitter account GTA 6 News & Leaks 2.0, the game could be close to finished already. They posted a multitude of screenshots which depict that the game is currently being polished.

One of the screenshots is from a forum post in which Rockstar Games insider Tez2 explained that there are multiple files for "bankrelease", "beta" and "debug" which suggests that they're looking to complete features and even certain contents of the game.

Basically, it seems like the game is currently being optimized, which could suggest that the game is much further in development than some had dreamed to hope. Of course, with a game as big as GTA and with graphics as clean as the previous iterations have been, optimizing this game will take a long time.

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