GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Is Now On Steam (And It's Still A Mess)

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is finally on Steam and even comes with a big discount. But the remaster of the beloved games is still not in the best shape.

Gta trilogy remaster definitive edition trailer
The remaster of the GTA trilogy is now on Steam. Is it worth it though? | © Rockstar

Everyone remembers Rockstar's worst launch by a country mile. When GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (had to get the official title out there at least once) came out in 2021, it was as close to a disaster as the legendary developer will probably ever come.

Over a year later though, more than 100 bugs have been fixed, and the game is now finally on Steam, after being exclusive to the Rockstar Launcher. You even get a big discount for it! But do you get a great game? To quote another Rockstar title: Doubt.

GTA Remaster Trilogy Now On Steam – Please Clap

The three remastered games are now on Steam, even though you can't buy them individually? They kinda made it weird, but never mind. Until February 2 you get a big 50% discount for the whole package, making it $29.99 for now.

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That's really nice and all, but you should be careful about this "Definitive Edition". It still is as much of a mess as it's always been, with one review on Steam claiming: "It's the EXACT same version that was last updated in October last year and even that update was literally nothing."

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So, if you really want to go back to these amazing classics, or never played them before, I guess go for it. But you should know that these games are not in good shape and are still a bit of a disgrace. This incredible trilogy definitely deserved better than this...

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