Twitch Streamer's Career Has Gone To The Dogs After Getting Banned For Running One Over

This Twitch streamer's career has gone to the dogs after a horrible accident. She's now forced to switch to Kick.

A humorous tale unfolds as we learn about a Twitch streamer who was permanently banned from the platform after an unfortunate incident involving her car and a dog. In February, the Polish streamer, known as "sidneuke," was driving and checking her phone when she failed to notice a furry friend on the road.

Her accident with the dog went viral, all to her detriment: Her career has now gone to the dogs after she was banned from Twitch. Despite her assurance that the dog was unharmed and prancing around joyfully, sidneuke has been forced to seek refuge on another platform, Kick.

Twitch Streamer's Career Has Gone To The Dogs After Getting Banned For Running One Over

The ban from Twitch was the reason for the switcht and the start to streaming on Kick. The exact date of her arrival on Kick is unclear, but she was first spotted on the platform in February 2023, where she was playing The Witcher.

Despite her presence on Kick, she has only managed to attract 127 followers so far. Kick has already been at the center of controversy when one streamer, HeelMike, received only a one-day ban after performing a sexual act during a live stream.

It is unknown whether this is a personal choice or due to legal consequences of her earlier incident. It was reported earlier that Animal Protection was aware of the incident and brought it to the prosecutor's attention. Sidneuke claims to be in contact with the dog's owner, but it is unknown whether she has compensated the owner for the veterinarian bills or what legal consequences she may be facing.

While Sidneuke is one of many streamers who have transitioned to Kick, including Adin Ross and Hikaru, Trainwreck reports that there are more to come.