xQc: Kick Does Not Nail Streamers Down

xQc believes that Kick does not nail it's streamers down and gives them the freedom they need. That's why many switch from Twitch.

X Qc via Instagram
xQc: Kick Does Not Nail Streamers Down | © Instagram

xQc thinks Kick is approaching targeting Twitch streamers in the "right way" after Hikaru's non-exclusive deal. With the emergence of challengers attempting to dethrone Twitch, they've successfully attracted big streamers like Valkyrae, Ludwig, and Courage to YouTube.

However, Twitch now faces a new threat from Kick, a platform backed by Stake that has risen in popularity after Twitch's crackdown on gambling. Kick has already lured Adin Ross away from Twitch, and rumors suggest that more stars could follow suit. They've also secured a non-exclusive deal with Chess master Hikaru Nakamura, enabling him to stream on both platforms.

xQc: Kick Does Not Nail Streamers Down

xQc believes that Kick is taking the right approach when it comes to signing Twitch streamers and they make the better offer than Twitch, so the streamers are not tied to just one platform. Instead of securing exclusive deals like other platforms, such as Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube, Kick is opting for non-exclusive agreements.

xQc has supported this approach for years, stating that it's cheaper and allows for a gradual transfer of viewership from one platform to another. This gradual transfer could enable streamers to slowly build up their presence on the new platform and eventually reach their usual viewer figures. While it may be difficult to achieve the same view counts on Kick initially, xQc thinks that over time, streamers could see success.

Whether or not this prediction comes true remains to be seen.