Twitch Streamer's Cat Deletes Entire Hitman 3 Progress

If you don't give me food, I'll just delete your stupid game! This Twitch streamer's cat's mission was a success.

S Tormfall 33 and Cat
Twitch Streamer's Cat Deletes Entire Hitman 3 Progress | © Instagram

A Twitch streamer, known as Stormfall33, was devastated when her cat, Momo, accidentally deleted her entire progress in the game Hitman 3 Freelancer mode. The incident occurred when Stormfall paused the game to read chat messages, and her cat walked across her desk, pressing all the right buttons on the keyboard to end the run and return to the title menu.

Cats are not stupid animals and those who sit too long at their PC must deal with the consequences.

Twitch Streamer's Cat Deletes Entire Hitman 3 Progress

Hitman 3 Freelancer mode is a challenging game that requires players to test their skill, patience, and resource management. The mode requires players to complete a series of eight missions one after another without having the opportunity to save any progress made.

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Because of this, Stormfall's focus was completely on the game. A lapse of judgment for a mere second caused her to lose everything. Pausing the game to read her chat, her cat took this opportune moment to strike, waltzing over her keyboard with a skill only known to man.

Momo, the cat, managed to walk across the keyboard, hitting the exact keys needed to close the game, causing it to shut down. Due to the Freelancer mode Stormfall had to restart the game from the very beginning. The streamer was visibly upset, hitting her desk and cussing at her cat. But after Momo successfully finished her mission, not caring about her owner's frustration she simply turned her back and went back to sleep.

After calming down Stormfall was surprised by Momo's deliberate skill to delete her progress.

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