End Of An Era: Is Asmongold Leaving Twitch For Kick?

Trainwreck announced not too long ago that there would be some huge names switching over to Kick, but could Asmongold be one of them? After some mysterious comments from the content creator some fans think he could be leaving Twitch.

Asmongold twitch gambling streams
Asmongold leaving Twitch...? Who would have thought. | © Asmongold via Twitch

When it comes to MMO streamers, there is no one bigger on Twitch than Asmongold. He is the go-to man when it comes to content on the website for this specific genre, but recent comments have some fans worried that he might be leaving Twitch completely.

Adin Ross, everyone's least favorite content creator and known Andrew Tate fanboy sent out a Tweet on March 28, stating that a superstar streamer has just signed with Kick, but who could it be?

Asmongold Tweet Makes Fans Believe He Might Move To Kick

Streamer and content creator Asmomgold saw Adin Ross' tweet and replied to it simply by saying, "hmm I wonder who it is" which has many fans believing that he could be the next big streamer to move away from the Amazon-owned Twitch and off to Kick.

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One person replied under Asmongold's tweet with an older clip of the streamer stating that if content creators can bring over their audience from Twitch to Kick, then it would make perfect sense to do just that, due to much better revenue split options.

Why would you not move to Kick? You get paid more money and you still have people watching you. Why would you stay on Twitch with 50/50 [sub revenue split]

Nothing has been made official just yet, but with Trainwreck also hinting at big signings for Kick, it could be true that names like Asmongold or even Kai Cenat – who was recently sent something odd from Twitch instead of a contract – could make the move.

Twitch has been losing many huge content creators with strteamers like Valkyrae and Ludwig moving to YouTube gaming in the last few years as well. Does this truly mean the end for Twitch?

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