"Twitch And All Of Its Puppet F*ck Faces Will Be Shook": Trainwreck Announces Massive Kick Signings

Train recently announced a bunch of new signings for his streaming platfom Kick.

Trainwreck Kick
Train recently teased a bunch of new signings to Kick | © Trainwreckstv

Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Niknam has recently been making waves with his new streaming platform Kick, signing one of Twitch's biggest content creators, Adin Ross. Now he announced that Kick will be signing six more high profile Twitch streamers.

If you're unfamiliar with Kick, Train markets it as a creator-friendly platform that offers streamers more money and less regulation. This is an attractive offer, because Kick also has enough money to offer lucrative contracts to big creators.

Train Announces More Streamers Switching To Kick

On March 26, Train made a huge announcement on Twitter, claiming that Kick was able to sign six creators, that will shock “twitch and all of its puppet fuck faces”.

After he got his first taste of Kick, watching the Super Bowl with his viewers, Adin Ross was already trying to sell the platform to other Twitch streamers. This included big names like xQc and Kai Cenat, and even though both denied leaving for Kick, maybe they were offered a big enough sum to convince them otherwise.

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This might have just become more likely for one of the two, as Twitch recently f*cked up in a big way, by not giving a contract to Kai and instead sending him a pair of ugly sneakers.

That's not the only streamer that might have been wooed by Kick. Asmongold might have also been convinced by Train, who swore to lock him down with a nice contract if Twitch doesn't value him enough.

Twitch has a track record of not valuing their creators enough and having them leave due to better offers. This also happened with Mixer and YouTube before, so now we're gonna have to wait and see which streamers are leaving.

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