Bye-Bye Twitch: Adin Ross Announces Move To Kick With Lebron James Parody Video

Adin Ross recently announced his move from Twitch, joining Kick as a content creator.

Din Ross Kick
Adin Ross has moved to Kick! | © Kick & Adin Ross

On February 23, 2023, Adin Ross finally announced his move from Twitch to its competitor Kick. He did so in a funny video, mirroring LeBron James' “The Decision”.

Adin Ross Switching From Twitch To Kick

Adin Ross has now officially made his move from Twitch to Kick, after playing with the idea for a while now.

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Seems like he enjoyed the first taste of the freedom, after testing the waters first for a week or so, livestreaming The Super Bowl (and some p*rn) on Kick, after first being a little hesitant and demanding more money.

Looks like he got that money quick, though, because shortly after this statement, he was doing free promo for Kick, claiming some big names like Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed etc. were going, too... Or maybe Twitch just pushed him over the edge, after threatening him with an indefinite ban.

In his announcement video, he did a parody of LeBron James “The Decision", poking a little fun at himself in the one-minute-long video.

After all the drama Adin caused while streaming only one week on Kick, we can't wait to see whether he will continue that trend, or fade into obscurity along with Kick (or maybe not, IDK).

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