Hasan Claims Adin Ross Literally Streaming P*rn To His Audience Could Be A Federal Crime

Adin Ross, who is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, apparently visited an adult website while streaming on the platform Kick, revealing it on his broadcast and violating the platform's terms of service. No ban for him.

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Adin literally looking at p*orn during a stream. | © Hasan via Twitch; Adin Ross via Kick

Kick is a recently launched streaming platform that is affiliated with Stake, one of the largest crypto gambling sites in the world. It has managed to collaborate with popular Twitch streamers like Trainwrecks and Adin Ross.

Although Adin Ross is a partnered streamer on Twitch, he has expressed his support for the Kick platform and has even encouraged others to switch to it exclusively. However, he has not permanently moved to Kick due to the financial incentives provided by Twitch.

Despite attracting popular streamers, Kick is still in its early stages and has raised concerns regarding its terms of service and their enforcement.

The Difference Between Kick & Twitch

Twitch is a well-established platform with a large user base and a strong community of gamers and streamers. It is owned by Amazon and primarily focused on gaming and esports content. Twitch offers a wide range of features such as chat functionality, emotes, and monetization options for streamers.

Kick, on the other hand, is a new platform launched in partnership with Stake, a crypto gambling site. It is aimed at a more adult audience and allows users to stream a wider variety of content, including adult content. Kick has been working to attract popular Twitch streamers to its platform with promises of higher earnings and greater freedom to create and share content.

In terms of content and community, Twitch is more focused on gaming and esports, while Kick is geared towards a more adult audience with a wider range of content options. Additionally, Twitch has a more established infrastructure with features and tools specifically designed for streamers, while Kick is still in its early stages.

Adult Content And The Younger Community

Adin Ross was caught on a clip posted on Twitter by Jake Lucky navigating to an adult site on Kick, displaying several videos for around 10 seconds before leaving.

He commented that he disagreed with such content, similar to his statements about sexual content on Twitch, where he referred to hot tub streams as “poison”.

Although Kick’s terms of service prohibit nudity or sexually suggestive content, the rules for suspending accounts are less clear than those of Twitch or YouTube.

Concerns were raised about the age of Adin’s viewers since Kick’s policy requires users to be 18 or older, but there is no age verification system in place to prevent users under 18 from using the site.

Adin Ross was streaming p*orn to his audience on Kick from LivestreamFail

Adin has not addressed the clip, but his account on Kick remains active, where he has over 80,000 followers, significantly less than his 7.3 million Twitch followers. His actions on Kick may also affect his Twitch account since Twitch’s community guidelines can extend to conduct outside the platform.