"I Can't Believe I Missed It": MrBeast Shows Up In Official Super Bowl LVII Commercial

So the Super Bowl happened and besides cheating accusations, there is also the fact that MrBeast appeared in one of the commercials. Kinda cool!

Mr Beast
This is Mr Beast in the "Run With It" ad. | © NFL

Most subscribed YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson proved, once again, that Influencers are real celebrities now, when he made a guest appearance during one of the Super Bowl commercials.

MrBeast Appears On The Big Screen During Super Bowl Commercial

MrBeast is well known for his crazy videos and displays of heartwarming generosity, like when he cured 1000 people's blindness.

His recipe for success made him by far the biggest YouTuber on the platform, boasting a whopping 133 million subscribers on his main channel alone.

Now the popular influencer has made a guest appearance in a Super Bowl commercial, “Run With It”, that is specifically set to highlight women in football.

The commercial centers around Diana Flores, a Flag Football Global Ambassador, as she is pursued by everyone else in town.

It is dedicated “To the women pushing football forward, we can’t wait to see where you take this game”.

The YouTuber appears about one minute into the video, pretending to be an innocent bystander during the epic chase, having one simple line: "I missed it".

Jimmy's appearance didn't go unnoticed, and he took the time to announce it on Twitter prior to the event.

MrBeast's appearance could be a sign that we might see more YouTubers and streamers on the big screen in the near future. Would be kinda hype!

Curious about some of the most epic MrBeast moments on his path to reach 100 million subscribers? Here you go:

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