"I Don’t Wanna Change For Anyone" - Adin Ross Announces Move To Kick After Threats From Twitch

During his recent broadcast, popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross announced his switch to Kick.

Adin Ross announced his switch to Kick | © Adin Ross via Twitch; Kick

Popular streamer Adin Ross recently announced that he will be leaving Twitch, after he was apparently threatened with an indefinite ban. He will be joining Kick.com, claiming that he will use this opportunity to allow his fans to say whatever they want.

Adin Ross is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch, collaborating with the likes of xQc and Corinna Kopf.

Apparently, some of this content (probably with regard to Andrew Tate) was deemed too controversial by a few higher-ups at Twitch, prompting them to threaten an indefinite ban against the content creator.

The 22-year-old didn't back down however, instead announcing that he would be leaving Twitch for to leave their competitor, Kick.

Adin Ross Announces Departure From Twitch

During his recent broadcast, Adin Ross announced that he would be leaving behind Twitch and joining Kick as a content creator.

While talking about the move, it became clear that his main reason for leaving was frustration over the way Twitch’s Terms of Service was being used to control his content.

Adin previously released a video on the topic, in which he claimed that he had been threatened with an indefinite ban by Twitch if he doesn't change the controversial nature of his content.

Instead of making the popular creator be more obedient, it instead led to him leaving Twitch for Kick.

“I’m going to Kick this week. I’m going to be doing Omegle, watching live sports, watching movies, prank phone calls, we could literally watch p**n together,” he said. “There are no Terms of Service over there. You guys can say whatever you want in my chat. Nobody can get f***ing banned.”

Twitch has faced quite a lot of backlash in recent months for their non-transparent Terms of Service, but with them threatening an indefinite ban, this topic has reached a whole new level of problematic.

In the video, Ross continued to hype up his viewers to join him on Kick, as there will be no bans in chat. Viewers can “say whatever the f*ck [they] want”.

Even though there are Terms of Service on Kick, the popular streamer believes there will be a lot more freedom on his new streaming platform for him and his viewers.

His first stream went live on February 12 and amassed a whopping 82,000 viewers. With his rant, he probably burned a lot of bridges and might just get indefinitely banned on Twitch anyway. But at least on Kick, he can stream with his good'ol pal Andrew Tate (if he ever gets released from prison, that is).

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