Adin Ross Wants Twitch To Ban Hot Tub Streams Once And For All

Twitch streamer Adin Ross urges the streaming platform to finally ban hot tub streams, calling them as bad as gambling.

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Adin Ross wants hot tub streams to be banned from Twitch | © Amouranth & Adin Ross via Twitch

Hot tub streams have been a controversial topic on Twitch for a long time. Now Adin Ross voiced his opinion, stating that they're a "problem" and should be banned from the platform just like gambling streams. His reason? They're "promoting poison" among viewers, leading directly to OnlyFans.

Plenty of Twitch streamers, like xQc, QTCinderella and Pokimane have already voiced their criticism against hot tub streams, leading to Twitch introducing the hot tub category.

Even with that, they continue to be a topic of contention, as the blatantly sexual content (normally against TOS) continues to be a topic that divides users.

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Now Adin Ross spoke up, calling for Twitch to ban hot tub streams once and for all.

Adin Ross Calls On Twitch To Ban Hot Tub Streams

During his broadcast on January 20, Ross mentioned his concerns, saying: "You guys banned gambling, you guys moved on it quick. I think we have a problem Twitch. I think the hot tub streams should be banned from Twitch… it’s a portal to OnlyFans. It’s in the same category as gambling”.

Gambling streams have been another divisive topic on the platform, prompting creators like Pokimane calling for Twitch to ban them.

This upset some streamers like Trainwreckstv, while others seem to support the decision.

Ross, who apparently cites from Andrew Tate's playbook for life, went into further detail, stating: “It’s promoting poison, you know what I’m saying, in the brain… I’m gonna flat out say it”.

This kinda sounds like something the Top G himself would say (even though he allegedly runs an OnlyFans business).

The popular streamer then explains how it "feeds and addiction" and is part of a wider problem on Twitch, namely the “soft p*rn”.

Whether Twitch listens to Ross and decides to act on the matter is another matter.

Hot tub streams aren't nearly as big as they previously were and due to that might not be a priority for them right now.

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