Prank Gone Too Far: YouTuber Pulls Knife At The Airport & Gets Charged With Making Terroristic Threats

While filming a prank at the airport, YouTuber Nas Ebk pulled out a knife and threatened a couple when things didn't go his way.

You Tuber Prank
Imagine pulling a knife at the airport | © FightHaven via Twitter

While filming a prank video for YouTube, rapper Nas Ebk pulled out a knife, threatening a couple for not playing along. Now the social media figure has been charged with assault and making terroristic threats after pulling a similiar stunt.

YouTuber Threatens To Stab Couple At The Airport

YouTuber Noticuz and rapper/YouTuber Nas Ebk were doing a prank at the airport, claiming other people's baggage was in fact theirs.

When they tried to prank a certain couple, though, the situation escalated after they refused to hand over their baggage.

As the two of them tried to leave the situation, Nas started threatening the man. He began saying “we joking bro, it’s a joke… google me n* I’ll beat you up, stop playing with me.”

NYC Drill Rapper pulls out knife and threatens to cut random man's face open during YouTube "prank" from PublicFreakout

As if this wasn't bad enough already, the aspiring rapper suddenly pulled out a knife, escalating the situation: “What? I’ll stab you right now. How you feeling? How you feeling? What? You think you tough bro?”

It looks like Nas Ebk didn't like that the victim was “playing tough”, being protective of both the baggage and his girlfriend.

Noticuz quickly realized that things were getting out of hand, and tried to defuse the situation by stepping between both parties. But that didn't stop his companion from hurling even more threats at the couple.

“I’ll stab your face right now, what, look, what you trying to do? Stop playing with me. I’ll cut your face open n*.”

After the video of the situation went viral, many people started reprimanding the YouTuber for his unreasonable behavior.

Now, the aspiring rapper got into a similar situation doing a “prank” at ShopRite. When things didn't go as planned, the police alleged that he “brandished a scalpel-style knife and threatened the employee”.

In relation to this situation, EBK has been arrested and charged with assault and making terroristic threats.

EBK has finally been met with some consequences for his actions, but we'll have to wait and see whether this will have serious consequences for the aspiring rapper.

If I were in that situation, I would want one if not all of these:

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