"You Are F*cking Lazy": Streamer Under Fire For Fatphobic Comments

Elxokas hasn't responded to the controversy surrounding the fatphobic comment. However, it's worth noting that this isn't the first time he has faced criticism.

Exoklas Twitch
ElXokas experiences pushback from the community because of fatphobic comments | © YouTube

Elxokas is a Spanish-speaking Twitch streamer who has gained significant popularity on the platform.

He has over 3.2 million followers and is known for his unfiltered personality and diverse range of content.

Now he is facing backlash for allegedly making “fatphobic” comments about individuals with a higher body weight.

During a broadcast on February 13, Elxokas made remarks about his success as a streamer before turning to comments about individuals with higher body weights, referring to them as “lazy” and “undisciplined.”

These comments have sparked criticism and dissent from online communities all over the globe.

Elxokas Being Described As “fatphobic.”

During a recent Twitch stream, Elxokas made comments about his experiences with meeting talented individuals and the lack of disciplined winners he has come across.

He went on to suggest that individuals who struggle with weight loss are typically “undisciplined” and “lazy,” attributing their inability to lose weight to a lack of effort and discipline, rather than an illness or genetic problem.

These comments have been described as “fatphobic” and have received criticism and backlash from online communities.

A viral Twitter thread includes a response from a user who disagreed with Elxokas' comments, stating that being overweight is not solely due to laziness.

The user explained that there are many contributing factors, such as economic, social, and genetic factors, as well as mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Despite facing backlash for his comments, Elxokas is receiving a significant amount of support from his followers who share his opinion.

Some have even claimed that a widely circulated clip of his stream was taken out of context.

There is a separate discussion to follow on Reddit:

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