Drake Hangs Up On IShowSpeed After Weird Facetime Conversation

During a phonecall between Speed and Drake, the rapper quickly ended the call, after the conversation took a weird turn.

Thumbnail Speed
You used to call me on my cell phone | © Drake via YouTube; IShowSpeed via Instagram

The popular YouTube streamer IShowSpeed recently managed to ring up Drake during his stream. At first, the popular rapper appeared to be happy about the call, until Speed took the conversation into a weird direction, prompting Drake to quickly end the call.

IShowSpeed Gets A Phone Call With Drake

Speed is well known for his unusual and extreme streams (like lighting fireworks in his apartment) and has been one of the fastest growing streamers on YouTube. He even managed to do some collaborations with big stars like Alphonso Davies.

During a recent stream, the young streamer one-upped himself, managing to get a hold of Drake during one of his livestreams.

On February 15, Speed was apparently exchanging DMs with Drake on Instagram, when he decided to test his luck and simply call the famous rapper. To the surprise of everybody, Drake actually picked up, greeting the 18-year-old with a big smile on his face.

In typical Speed fashion, the young streamer was freaking out, jumping out of his chair, while asking “Yo, Drake! What’s good, bro?”, bombarding the rapper with more questions.

At first, it was wholesome AF, with Drake even complimenting Speed, saying: “I’m proud of you boy”.

With the two of them exchanging compliments back and forth, things quickly got weird, though, with Speed crossing the line (as usual), stating: “Bro, your voice is so sexy. How's it so smooth?”, leading to Drake quickly ending the call.

Seems like the young streamer crossed a line there, as Drake hung up on him without any explanation, after hearing him say that.

Next thing we know, Speed had a typical rage moment, punching his chair, screaming, jumping around, you know the usual.

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