Adin Ross Could Be In Serious Trouble For Broadcasting The Super Bowl

Popular streamer Adin Ross might be in some serious trouble, as his Super Bowl broadcast might have legal consequences if the NFL wants to sue.

Adin Ross Thumbnail Super Bowl
Adin Ross might have to pay up for streaming the Super Bowl! | © Adin Ross via Twitch; Kick; NFL

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports events of the year, amassing hundreds of thousands of viewers each year. Now, some content creators (one of which is Adin Ross) might face legal repercussions for streaming the event on Kick.

Adin Ross Streams The Super Bowl In Front Of More Than 100,000 Viewers

Every year, the Super Bowl brings hundreds of thousands of Football fans together, enjoying the biggest game of the season.

This goes for streamers and content creators all around the globe as well. Problem is, as long as you don't have a license granted by the NFL, you're not allowed to broadcast the event!

For this reason, Twitch's TOS won't allow streamers to watch the event on their channels. For Adin Ross, the solution to this was simple: switch to Kick, watch the Super Bowl live on stream, don't get banned.

The 22-year-old already has an account on Kick, and only recently announced his plans to stream on the new and less restrictive platform.

One of the arguments he brought up was the fact, that on Kick he was allowed to watch live sports, movies & even p*rn while live.

The broadcast of him watching the Super Bowl boasted up to 100,000 viewers at times, which is a quite a lot of people the NFL couldn't monetize (Adin probably didn't get a license to stream the event).

Attorney Claims Kick Streamers Broadcasting The Super Bowl Could Be In Serious Trouble

The thing is, if you look at the Terms of Service on Kick, it holds the streamers themselves accountable, as the platform does NOT take responsibility for any content a user creates.

“You shall be solely responsible for your User Content and the consequences of posting, publishing it, sharing it, or otherwise making it available on the service”.

What this means is that even though streamers have the freedom to do and broadcast whatever the f*ck they want, they will not be protected by the platform and will personally be held reliable for their actions.

This means that if the NFL has a problem with Adin Ross streaming their event, they can just sue him personally.

This was also explained by an attorney, who goes into more detail on why this is still a copyright infringement:

Whether the NFL plans to pursue legal actions is still not clear, but if they do, it looks like Adin Ross might just be in serious trouble.

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