Trainwreck Wants To Take Action Against Predatory Viewbotting On Kick

TrainwrecksTV criticizes Kick for not taking measures against viewbotted gambling streams.

Thumbnail Trainwreck Kick
Trainwreck has spoken out about the viewbotting problem on Kick. | © Trainwreckstv via Instagram; Kick

The former Twitch streamer Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” Niknam recently went on a rant, criticizing the practices of the platform he helped to create. We're talking about Kick and more specifically the viewbotting problem that the platform has with some of their gambling streams.

The idea behind was as simple as it was beautiful, give the creators more of the money they are earning for the platform, while giving them more freedom and making it easier for smaller creators.

The reality is a little more grim, as Kick is owned by Stake, an online casino that has been backing Train for a while now. So... yeah, you can kind of guess which practices are being promoted on the site...

TrainwrecksTV Pushes For Kick To Do Something About Viewbotted Gambling Streams

Train has been one of the biggest advocates for gambling streams on Twitch, but it looks like even he is not willing to accept some of the practices that are being used on Kick to promote gambling streams.

During a recent stream, he lashed out against those who boost their views through botting services to inflate their viewership numbers "to push predatory gambling styles to the top”.

Trainwreck considers himself a “transparent” gambling streamer, as he is not playing down the fact that you will lose money!

Regarding the viewbotted streams, Train says: "If this dude viewbotted 2-3 thousand viewers, I might just say “f*ck it I don’t give a f*ck. But when you’re viewbotting 15-20 f*cking thousand viewers a day to push predatory gambling styles to the top, I don’t like that”.

His main issue apparently is with the fact that his name is attached to Kick, as its biggest endorser and the person that represents it in the streamer bubble.

With Train pushing for this issue to be resolved, we will have to wait and see how the people behind Kick are going to handle the situation.

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