YouTuber Can Finally Walk Again After 2 Years Of Rehabiltation

Popular YouTuber FaZe Rain can finally walk again, after spending the last two years in a wheelchair and going through rehabilitation.
Thumbnail Fa Ze Rain
After 2 Years FaZe Rain can finally walk again |© FaZe Rain via YouTube

After going through rehabilitation for 2 years, the popular YouTuber and FaZe member Rain is finally able to walk again, after suffering from chemical neuropathy and beign confined to a wheelchair.

FaZe Rain Runs Again For The First Time Since He Became Wheelchair-Bound

Nordan “Rain” Shat has been one of the biggest stars of the popular FaZe Clan, currently boasting more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

In the last couple of year, though, he has been dealing with mental health issues as well as a lot of drug abuse. This even became apparent through his social media, leaving fans concerned for the popular CoD YouTuber.

In May 2020, Rain was kicked out of the FaZe house and just a year later, revealing that his drug abuse left him bound to a wheelchair, due to what looks like a chemical neuropathy.

Apparently that was a wake-up call for the 26-year-old, as he explains how he is kind of grateful as this gave him a new perspective on life and made him more appreciative of things. He explains this in a video, detailing his condition, swearing he'll never return to that messed up state again.

Now, almost a year later, Rain uploaded another video, showing his rehabilitation progress and how he is finally able to run again! In the intro, he even called his condition a “blessing”.

In the video, the popular YouTuber seems genuinely happy and after all he has been, through. Overall, the guy seems extremely positive again, let's just hope it stays that way as he really deserves a second chance at life!

Regarding the FaZe Clan drama, Rain left a comment to his fans saying he will post an update about the situation soon.

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