FaZe Rain Exposes FaZe Clan For Selling Out: "Never made a single dollar".

FaZe Rain uploaded a video to YouTube, exposing the company for selling out and exploiting their members.

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FaZe Rain threatens to Expose FaZe Clan! | © FaZe Rain via Instagram

On November 30, 2022, FaZe Clan Member Nordan "Rain" posted a five-part story on Instagram, threatening to "expose" information that people would want to kill him for. Since then, he has alleged that the information concerns FaZe Clan, and that it could cost them millions of Dollars.

FaZe Rain Claims He Wants To "Expose" FaZe Clan

The first post Rain made about this was shared over a month ago. Back then, he claimed he needed to get the information out ASAP, and that it could cost people hundreds of millions of dollars. Hence, he also claimed people would want to kill him for exposing them.

He also shared a minute-long video, confirming that he did not post these stories under the influence of drugs, explaining that he couldn't reveal anything yet, due to legal and "life-threatening" reasons.

But trust me, for all the people saying like, 'Yo, say it. Say it.' I want to, so damn bad! You guys have no idea! There's so many reasons I haven't. Obviously to do with a lot of legal reasons, and whole, you know, like, threatening my life reasons. Even though, I'm not... don't trip on that aspect. I just had to say it out there, just in case.

In the video, he maintains his claim that the information will cost people hundreds of millions of dollars, and by people, he clearly means FaZe Clan.

FaZe Rain Makes His Accusations Public

Now the popular Influencer has finally taken to YouTube, posting a video in which he explains the cryptic remarks he made on Instagram.

In the video, he is officially speaking out against FaZe Clan, saying that he didn't get a single dollar from brand deals, is owed money, and could be sued for what he’s going to expose.

He previously mentioned, that he had legal reasons as to why he didn't expose anything sooner.

In the video, he claims that the bosses at FaZe Clan are milking the brand and fans, who think they are supporting their favorite creators. Apparently those creators don’t see a dollar of the profit.

Rain then explains, that as a shareholder he could just be quiet and profit from the whole ordeal, but he’s willing to risk money, so people know the truth.

After this, he lashes out at the other FaZe members, saying that they have sold out to be quiet.

These are some heavy accusations, that make a lot of sense if you look at some of the other scandals surrounding FaZe Clan, like the crypto and NFT scams.

FaZe Rain Releases Another Statement

Just recently, Rain released another video calling out FaZe Clan again. In the video he makes it clear, he's not trying to destroy the brand, claiming that "if [he] wanted to burn it down, [he] would". Implying that he could.

He also takes a shot at the organization, talking about how far FaZe content has fallen, to their lowest point since 2013/2014. His reasoning for this is, them "piggybacking off other people's views".

The viewership fall off on FaZe Clan's main channel has been noticeable, but that goes the same for most other esports organizations right now. Most struggle to have any YouTube presence at all.

So far Rain hasn't really exposed anything groundbreaking, as he promised. Instead, he's just thrown some shade at FaZe Clan for selling out and treating their creators badly. We will have to wait and see how things will unfold from here.