Streamer Gets Emotionally Blackmailed By Twitch To Stream More

Northernlion was enjoying a one-week break from streaming when Twitch reached out to him, emotionally blackmailing him to come back to streaming.

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Twitch with the DuoLingo messages | © DuoLingo, Twitch, Northernlion

Ryan 'Northernlion' Letourneau is a Canadian streamer on Twitch, that recently took a break from streaming. After one week of him not streaming, Twitch reached out to him via e-mail, trying to guilt-trip him into streaming again.

The 34-year-old addressed this messed up guilt trippy way of getting him back live during his recent stream, criticizing Twitch for pressuring content creators to work even more.

Northernlion Calls Out Twitch For Toxic Work Culture

During his broadcast on November 30, Northernlion addressed two e-mails he received from Twitch one week into his break, one of them telling him his chat misses him.

While playing the Binding of Isaac: Repentance, he ranted about how he felt emotionally blackmailed by Twitch to stream more and called them out for promoting a toxic work culture for content creators.

This gives me serious DuoLongo vibes! The weird guilt-tripping, the kinda threatening undertone.

Northernlion uses this opportunity to call out Twitch, for pushing streamer to work more hours, in "an industry, where people work 18 hours a day" with a "constant drive to feed the beast" with a lot of mental health issues to boot.

Twitch has been under fire recently for trying to maximize their own revenue through predatory means and pushing content creators to stream more, even though there's already a lot of pressure on them to produce content, kinda falls under that category.

Maybe Twitch should reconsider how they treat content creators, or otherwise streamers might switch over to YouTube.