"If Twitch Doesn't Lock You Down, I Swear I Will": Trainwreck Tries To Persuade Asmongold To Join Kick

Trainwreck is trying to increase his Kick empire by getting streamers like Asmongold to join him.

Thumbnail Asmongold x Trainwreck
Train makes Asmon an offer he can refuse. | © Asmongold & Trainwreck via Twitch

During a recent Twitter exchange, Trainwreck made sure to let Asmongold know, that he will always be happily welcome at Kick with a contract worthy of the Twitch titan.

Trainwreck Tries Persuading Asmongold To Join Kick

Kick has been getting a lot more traction than other Twitch competitors like Mixer did.

One thing Kick got going for it, is their 95/5 sub split, which Trainwreck highlighted with one of his recent tweets on March 10.

This even got Asmongold's attention! Normally, the 32-year-old is well known for is more modest approach to money, but I guess seeing those numbers is bound to get you excited.

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As you can see, in the tweet, 3500 subs on Kick gets you a whopping $16k in revenue, about double of what you would get on Twitch.

Asmongold's response prompted Train to try to persuade the popular WoW streamer to join him on Kick. His approach is kind of cute, but also sounds like a drunk frat boy that tries dirty talk for the first time.

When a fan noted that Asmongold is not in it for the money, Train expresses how it's not about offering the WoW streamer more money, but rather appreciating him as one of the "foundational pillars of the entire space”.

So far Asmongold didn't comment on the possibility of a switch to Kick, but as far as money goes it is rather unlikely that that would be a good enough reason to do so.

As long as Twitch doesn't worsen their relationship with the popular creator, or Twitch culture collapses altogether, we can probably expect him to stay.

Remember when Pokimane had a wardrobe malfunction on stream? Train would probably call that shameless!

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