Rumors Claim Andrew Tate Was Rushed To The Hospital

Andrew Tate apparently was rushed to the hospital, leading to rumors regarding his health surfacing once more.

Thumbnail Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate is the source of rumors once more | © Andrew Tate via Twitter

Andrew Tate recently commented on the rumors regarding him allegedly suffering from lung cancer, by denying any amount of smoke damage to his lung. Now there are rumors surrounding him being “rushed” to the hospital. How serious is his condition?

Andrew Tate's Spokesperson Refers To Hospital Visit as "Scheduled Medical Check Up"

Back in February, Tate's manager confirmed that the controversial influencer was suffering from lung cancer via Instagram, which he himself denied just a short while later.

This led to Andrew Tate's medical status being more confusing than the last season of Lost as on March 10, Romanian news reported that he was rushed to the hospital.

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Quickly after these reports came up, they were addressed by a spokesperson for Tate:

I know there were rumors today that Andrew had been rushed to hospital. We deny these rumors. Andrew has had regularly scheduled medical check-ups since before he was arrested, appointments which he is now honoring in Romania at a private hospital because of his custodial sentence. His health is very good and there is no cause for concern

Seems like that spokesperson is more in line with the thinking of Tate himself, who previously claimed “There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle”.

Tate apparently doesn't want to show any weakness, despite his extended custody. If the rumors surrounding his “critical” condition turn out to be true, this begs the question of how it will affect his followers, as well as his sentence.

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