Exposed: A "Higher Up" In The Streaming Industry Has Been Faking A Relationship With Pokimane & Manipulating Other Women

Without naming the guy, Pokimane opened up to her stream last night about a higher-up in the streaming industry who had been pretending to have a relationship with Pokimane to manipulate other women. It's horrible and bizarre, and the community are out for blood.

Pokimane Fake Relationship
Pokimane hasn't named the guy, but that hasn't stopped fans trying to guess who it is... | © Pokimane via Twitter

Streaming is in a very weird place right now. Kai Cenat became the most subscribed channel ever, despite being caught getting a handjob live on stream last week, and Adin Ross has gone full Andrew Tate mode. But one thing remains a constant in the world of streaming: simps and creeps.

The latest creep exposed by Pokimane sounds like an absolute psycho. She didn't name the guy, but she told her stream about what he had been doing recently, and what make it even worse is that he's a "higher-up" in the industry somehow.

Weirdo Fakes Relationship With Pokimane To Manipulate Other Woman

This is a bit confusing but here goes: an unnamed perpetrator, who works for one of the big brands in streaming, has been faking a relationship with Pokimane and sending deepfake nudes of her to other women, in the hopes that those other women would then send him nude photos of themselves. It's hard to tell why he thought sending someone nude photos of someone else would encourage them to share photos of themselves, but this guy doesn't sound right in the head.

Here's the clip of Pokimane explaining the situation:

We have no idea who the guy is that has been doing this, and Pokimane won't say who he is, but that hasn't stopped fans guessing. We would encourage you to wait for more solid info rather than trying to guess who it is, but we have no doubt there will be developments soon.

Do you think this guy will ever get properly exposed, or will this somehow all blow over?

This news comes shortly after the whole deepfake scandal: