Boxing Debut: Amouranth Will Get The Shit Beaten Out Of Her In Spain!

Time for a boxing match: In the ring is... Twitch and OnlyFans star Amouranth! Here is, when and where you can watch it live!

Amouranth boxing
This looks like a good outfit for Amouranth's boxing debut | © Amouranth

Many Twitch streamers branch out and suddenly appear in places their subscribers wouldn't expect. Our beloved influencer Amouranth has taken this to heart as well, and we got a surprising announcement:

As a little explanation "La Velada Del Ano 3" is a popular event in which famous spanish streamers beat each other to a pulp in a boxing competition. Everything will be livestreamed on Ibai's Twitch, so you can see the beat downs happening live.

Boxing with Amouranth

Who of us expected Amouranth to appear in such an event? On second thought i shouldn't be surprised. The streamer looks very cool in her outfit, and I am sure, she has trained a lot for this event! Although she is the first American participant.

Her opponent is Spanish streamer Mayishi, who has built a 1.7 Million follower fan base around LoL, Minecraft and Valorant. In the announcement picture she looks quite formidable!

The whole event is on July 1 at the Civitas Metropolitan Stadium. Tickets will most likely be available in April with a price range of 30–100 euros. So for those that want to see Amouranths battle in person, you will have to wait a few more weeks before buying one.

For everyone else a stream will be live an Ibai's Twitch, so you won't miss out on this once in a lifetime fight. We wish Amouranth a good fight after a few months of hard training!

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