Fail For Amouranth: Streamer Loses Embarrassing Vote

Amouranth has been posting a lot of polls on Twitter in the last two weeks, she's been asking fans to choose between herself and material items. Let's just say it wasn't her, who came out on top.

Losing against Gaming PS and consoles must be hard for Amouranth | © Amouranth via Twitter

When you're a streamer, the love and support of your fans is really important. So sometimes streamers like to test that loyalty, and see, how far their followers will go. Amouranth tried that as well, but in her case it ended in a very epic fail.

Since January 15 Amouranth has done multiple Twitter polls, asking fans to vote for her or different gaming devices and other things. Let's see... what was the result of the last poll:

Oh my! It seems some people really love Bugattis at the moment.

Losing Not Once, But Every Time

If this were the only poll, then we would just say: it happens! Sadly this wasn't the only one and the others don't look a lot better.

The very first vote was between a day to spend with her and a PS5. The console clearly won, and I don't want to admit what I would have chosen.

The biggest L for her was against a Gaming PC though. Amouranth even bet herself against it. We Gamers just nodded and over 75% chose the one true love of gaming.

To be fair to her, she almost won against the Switch! Look closely at the word almost. Honestly losing against Nintendo feels like a sign.

If we can take anything away from this situation, it is that gamers truly have set priorities in life, and they mostly admire the beauty of a device for gaming over that of a woman.

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