Amouranth Reveals What Needs To Happen To Retire From Streaming

A few days ago, Amouranth appeared on the Courage & Nadeshot Show podcast. Together with the hosts, she joked and revealed her conditions for ending her streaming career.

Amouranth revealed her conditions to retire from streaming | © 100 Thieves Cast & Amouranth

When one of your favorite streamers appears as a guest on a podcast, you expect to hear some interesting tidbits that you didn’t know before. And then Amouranth reveals the conditions that need to be met before she is going to stop streaming. Like... what?

Also good to know for Amouranth fans:

In the podcast, she explains the situation like this:

I guess my plan is kind of whenever my passive income can at least meet level with like roughly the amount that I’m making now actively working. Then I’ll know that I can like, not have to worry about it anymore.

Amouranth: Is The End Of Her Streaming Career Soon?

So we can deduce her plan is to continue for as long as necessary. Amouranth clearly states her intent to continue streaming until she can safely afford to stop.

Now there is no need to fret as this isn’t going to happen for quite a while. The whole topic only came up because the conversation covered streamer’s investments and security plans. Everyone knows that the internet can be volatile and always changes. One can never foresee how the trends develop, and fame can be very fleeting. So to invest money into different avenues is a smart idea.

Amouranth also mentioned planning a game show for next year, so there's a new project to look forward to. We are sure there’s even more in the wood works she can’t disclose yet.

You can watch to the whole episode on YouTube or listen to it on Spotify and Apple Music: