Andrew Tate Claims He Used "Divine Powers" To Stop Inmates Trying To Intimidate Him

Andrew Tate keeps entertaining us with his hilarious tweets. This time he isn't fighting ghosts, but rather using his "divine powers" to defend himself in prison.

Thumbnail Tate Flicks Finger
Andrew Tate is not only fighting ghosts anymore. | © Andrew Tate via Twitter

Andrew Tate claims that he had to resort to his “divine powers” during his Romanian custody, when a group of three men tried to intimidate him.

Ever since his arrest in December 2022, Tate has been going wild on Twitter, talking about fighting ghosts, having an ancient scar on his lung, you know the drill.

This time he provided us with another treat, claiming to have stopped three inmates from intimidating him by using his “divine powers” and clicking his fingers.

He tweeted this story on March 7, explaining how “three mortals” tried to intimidate him while doing laundry.

His response? Simply clicking his fingers, asking if they “know the secrets of Yoga fire”. Apparently the three of them backed off after hearing these intimidating words, but the rest of the world is simply wondering if Tate has now officially lost it.

Looking at the comments under his tweet, there's barely any fans supporting his statements and mostly trolls making fun of his edgy and over the top story.

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