Hasan Claps Back At Andrew Tate Fanboy Carlos Ocelote

Twitch streamer Hasan has responded to a video clip shared by Carlos "Ocelote", which was taken out of context. The clip featured Hasan discussing the arrest and detention of Andrew Tate.

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A new dispute over Andrew Tate. | © Hasan & Ocelote via Instagram

Andrew Tate, along with his brother Tristan, was arrested by Romanian authorities on December 29, 2022, as part of an investigation into human trafficking and organized crime.

The situation has been dramatic unfolding in recent week, with the latest update being that Tate's custody has been extended for another 30 days.

Hasan has been closely following and discussing this story on his streams as new developments emerge. Recently, a photograph of Tate surfaced, revealing that he had begun growing out his hair. It is speculated that he is unable to shave, as he appeared with a shaven head before his arrest.

Should Hasan Take The Situation More Seriously?

Hasan commented on the hair situation, making a sarcastic remark, "I think it's a human rights violation what they're doing to Andrew Tate, I'll come out and say it."

This clip was later reposted by Carlos "Ocelote" Santiago, a supporter of Tate, who commended Hasan for speaking his mind even if it goes against the opinions of his audience. Carlos stated that he was surprised by Hasan's statement.

Hasan promptly responded to Carlos "Ocelote" reposting of his sarcastic remark by sharing the full context of the clip. It was revealed that Hasan was actually mocking Tate's appearance rather than making a serious comment about his situation.

The Full Context Of Hasan's Clip

According to the full context of the clip that Hasan shared, he clarified that his previous sarcastic remark was actually aimed at mocking Tate's appearance.

Hasan further explained that the "human rights violation" he mentioned referred to the fact that Tate is reportedly not allowed to get a haircut by the Romanian authorities, and not the arrest and ongoing investigation into his alleged involvement in human trafficking and organized crime.

The problem with sarcasm is that many people simply do not recognize or understand it...