Adin Ross Tells Media Personality To "KYS" After Revealing His Kick P*orn Stream

According to reports, Adin Ross, has supposedly directed a veiled message towards Jake Lucky, a YouTuber, by telling him to "Keep Yourself Safe" which is abbreviated as "KYS", an internet term that is often associated with the phrase "Kill Yourself."

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Adin Ross & Jake Lucky problematic message by DM | © Instagram

After a clip of Adin Ross streaming explicit content to his viewers was released on Twitter, Jake Lucky claimed that Ross had sent him a hostile message via private Twitter DM, or "Direct Message," despite it appearing to be a warning to "Keep Yourself Safe."

The structure of the message suggested that the real intention was for Lucky to harm himself "KYS=Kill Yourself". In response, Lucky shared another clip of Ross training in boxing, which has been mocked by many due to his poor technique. One follower questioned why Ross was so stiff and pointed out that a quick Google search would reveal how boxers train using proper techniques.

Adin Ross on Kick: The Problem

A major concern with Adin Ross streaming explicit videos is the age of his viewers. While the terms of service for the streaming platform Kick state that users must be 18 or older, there is no age verification system in place to prevent underage users from signing up.

Ross has not made any public statement about the situation, but he may face consequences from Twitch. Although the incident occurred outside of the streaming site, Twitch's terms of service specify that any misconduct that reflects poorly on a user can impact their account.

This incident follows comments from Felix "xQc" Lengyel, who expressed concern that Ross was headed down an "unhealthy rabbit hole" in his efforts to emulate Andrew Tate.

Should the possible threat against Jake Lucky be taken seriously?

According to HasanAbi it rather means "Kiss Yourself".