Destiny Calls Andrew Tate A R*pist While Talking To Adin Ross

During a phone call, YouTube streamer Destiny and former Twitch streamer Adin Ross got into an argument over Andrew Tate. The thing is, Destiny doesn't lose arguments.

Destiny vs Adin Ross
Destiny and Adin Ross get into a heated argument | © Destiny & Adin Ross via Instagram

After Adin Ross announced he was going to be exclusively streaming on Kick, things got a littler quieter around the controversial influencer. No longer bound to the TOS of Twitch, he is now able to interact with indefinitely banned streamers, including popular YouTuber Destiny, who is best known for wrecking his opposition during arguments.

During their phone call, the two of them seemed to get along, until they changed topics, talking about one of Adin's besties: Andrew Tate.

Destiny Debates Adin Ross Over Andrew Tate Charges

When asked about his take on Andrew Tate, Destiny simply replied by saying “r*pist”, leaving Adin speechless for a second.

He then replied by saying: “I really, really liked you until you said that bro. Why the f**k did you just say that bro?”

Seems like Destiny's take crushed any sort of amicable feelings Adin might have had towards him before that statement.

Adin then argues, that Tate wouldn't have to r*pe anybody, because “he's hot, he has money, he's ripped, he has clout, he has power”.

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Destiny is quick to debunk that argument, by saying: “I mean, do you think that hot people who are ripped with money and power don't r*pe people or traffic people?”.

This was a simple argument, but quite unbreakable, as there have been multiple well documented cases of people abusing their power to force themselves onto others…

Adin quickly moved on, trying to justify Tate's alleged human trafficking by saying that “he basically did OnlyFans before OnlyFans, okay?”.

Again, Destiny quickly addressed the severity of Tate's alleged actions, by tricking women into working for him, working them to the bone and stealing money from them.

He also uses the best (and probably only good) thing to come out of Andrew Tate being platformed on multiple social media as an argument. That everything he said on social media is well documented and can be used against him.

He does use this in his argument, by saying: “He lied about the percentage, right? Like, he's on videotape talking about how he would scam them with their taxes to steal money from them.”

Seems like Ross was check-mated by this, as his only response to this was “welcome to the world”, getting completely outplayed once more when Destiny responded with “welcome to prison”.

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