Adin Ross Offers Fan $20k To "Slit Brother's Throat" For Watching Hasan

In a recent stream, Adin Ross began offering fans huge sums of money to do disgusting things for the audience. The most extreme comment Adin made during the stream was asking a fan to slit his brother's throat for 20k. He added "just kidding", but that hardly makes up for how extreme the whole event was.

Adin Ross Slit Brothers Throat
Adin Ross had a wild stream this week, in which he offered fans huge amounts of money to do disgusting and horrible things. | © Adin Ross via Kick / Adin Ross via Twitter

Adin Ross is a really popular young streamer who started out doing fairly normal content on Twitch. Then he became best mates with Andrew Tate, and has gone full Kanye-mode in destroying his own career. Now he streams on Kick, a much freer platform (sponsored by a gambling company), and has been doing increasingly extreme content.

The most recent thing he did on stream was definitely the most controversial yet, and involved him effectively bribing poor fans to do disgusting things for the audience.

  • Don't let Adin Ross fool you into thinking all streamers have to be this way. Jocat did a really successful charity stream this week that was perfectly wholesome. If you want to support a more positive content creator, you can buy Twitch gift cards from Amazon now.

Adin Ross Stream Gets Very Dark: Bribes Fans To Do Sick Things

Adin Ross recently asked a viewer to slit his brother's throat for $20,000 because the brother was a Hasan fan. Adin did add just kidding, but it was clearly still too far. And given all the other stuff he was asking his fans to do for money, the community are understandably outraged.

Here is the clip in question, if you really want to watch it.

Besides this request, Adin also asked one fan to throw p*ss at his brother and got another one to throw stuff at his sister before destroying her wall with a baseball bat. Many are wondering whether Adin will be criminally liable if ever someone does something illegal for him during one of these streams. But so far he seems to have been able to avoid any serious problems with the law.

Sorry to be the bearers of such horrible news. But if it feels like we're living in the last days of Rome, perhaps we can offer you some distraction? Pedro Pascal has already begun teasing fans with news of the Last of Us Season 2.

And if you need even more distraction from Adin and his antics:

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