Andrew Tate Vs. Ghost: Who Won The Epic Boxing Match?

Andrew Tate is losing what little is left of his sanity. Now he claims he had to fight a ghost in Romanian prison... to be honest I want whatever he's having.

Andrew tate vs ghost
Fight on! | ©A24 & Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has lost it in Romanian prison. After getting his stay elongated for another month, he's really begun to tweet some insane stuff. Not only has he explained that his only friends are cockroaches in his cell, but now he's become a ghostbuster as well.

Think we're joking here? Not at all. Ever since he got his hands on Twitter again he's been letting his followers know what is going on with his life and it seems that last night he was woken by a ghost and decided to write some Twitter poetry about the encounter.

Wondering how Tate got here? Check out our coverage:

"I Am Always Ready" - Andrew Tate Beats Ghost

On February 25, 2023 Andrew Tate revealed that he had woken up due to a ghost encounter in his Romanian prison cell.

I was awoken last night by an icy chill and identified a ghost in my prison cell. He was terrified and begged me not to annihilate him. I sent him back to hell with a message for the demons: 'I am always ready'.

Honestly, the tweet didn't see, to impress the Twitter-sphere with most meme-ing Tate for his absurd hallucinations by this point. One Twitter user asked whether Tate encountered "the Ghost of In-cells Past?" Another also joked that Tate has now become a ghostbuster, writing, "Gotta respect a man that never stops growing: Andrew Tate - social media phenomenon, kick-boxing champion, internet pimp, business coach and Ghostbuster."

We can say that Tate sure managed to win his fight against the poltergeist of his cell, unlike Jake Paul who recently lost his first boxing match. But it seems that the longer Tate is cooped up in prison the more insane he gets.

Who is Tate going to go up against next or will he start a slam poetry club in Romanian prison? With his tweeting skills we could see it happen.

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