JiDion Checks Out Kick & Instantly Wants To Talk To The Manager

Popular YouTuber JiDion seems to have some questions for Trainwreck after opening Kick on stream.

Thumbnail Ji Dion
JiDion visits Kick and instantly regrets it. | © JiDion via YouTube; Trainwreck via Twitch

During a recent stream, YouTube star JiDion decided to check out the streaming platform Kick, quickly regretting his decision after witnessing “two girls going crazy”.

Kick has been getting a lot more traction than other Twitch competitors like Mixer. It seems like having Trainwreck onboard really helped the streaming platform (which is backed by the online casino Stake) to establish some kind of authority in the industry.

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The thing Kick is best known for is creator freedom, as content creators are offered a generous 95/5 split for subs as well as almost no regulation with regard to content. Adin Ross already tested this by literally watching porn while live on Kick.

JiDion Fears YouTube Ban After Checking Out Kick

On March 12, JiDion had to find out the hard way, how little the platform regulates their creators, when he checked out Kick. The YouTuber was forced to cut his stream short immediately because of the sexual content he was seeing, which could earn him a ban.

The 22-year-old immediately took to social media to vent, saying: “I just went on KICK to see what it was about me and my chat saw two girls going crazy,” he explained the situation. “Now I have to end my fucking stream! This is gonna be the Twitch killer, yea good luck with that Adin and Train.”

Following this, since deleted, tweet JiDion called up Adin Ross, complaining about Kick's lacking regulation.

Adin quickly shifted the blame, saying how there's nothing he can do about this as he is not the owner, but that this content is bound to get shut down.

JiDion then wants to get on a call with Train himself to talk about this, to which Adin claims he'll connect the two of them.

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So far it is not clear, whether JiDion will get banned on YouTube for streaming sexually explicit content, or how his call with Train will unfold, but we will keep you updated.

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