Adin Ross: Twitch Will Lose A Superstar

Another streamer star is lost for Twitch. Adin Ross is enthusiastically promoting Kick as a viable alternative to Twitch, and trying to convince other streamers to make the switch.

Adin Ross and Questionmark
Adin Ross teases that another superstar is leaving Twitch. | © Adin Ross via Instagram/Nintendo

Adin Ross, the notorious Twitch rebel who got banned and moved to Kick, just announced that ANOTHER big shot from Twitch has joined him on the dark side. It's like they're starting their own streaming mafia or something. Adin's been on a mission to recruit as many streamers as he can to Kick, and it seems to be working.

Kick is the new kid on the block, founded by Trainwrecks, trying to take down Twitch and YouTube. And they just launched a mobile app that's got everyone buzzing like bees. But there's a catch. Kick allows some content that Twitch and YouTube don't, and some people are not thrilled about that. It's like the kid who throws wild parties and invites everyone over, but some people think it's too much.

Adin Ross: Twitch Will Lose A Superstar

Well, it seems that Adin Ross is a big fan of Kick, the new streaming platform that's giving Twitch a run for its money. Maybe he's tired of Twitch's strict rules and regulations, or maybe he just likes the idea of being a big fish in a smaller pond.

Whatever the reason, he's determined to get all the big names to join him on Kick. Maybe Kick will be the next big thing in streaming, and everyone who's still on Twitch will be left in the dust. Or maybe it's all just a pipe dream, and Adin will be back on Twitch before we know it. Only time will tell, my friends. Only time will tell.

Adin's latest tweet just adds fuel to the fire. He's teasing everyone with the news that another superstar has made the switch to Kick.

But who is it? We don't know yet. It's like a mystery we're all trying to solve. Will Kick be able to compete with Twitch and YouTube in the long run? It's unclear, but for now, it's the hottest new thing in streaming, and everyone's talking about it.