DrDisrespect Finally Gives A Statement About Possible Kick Switch

After the dubious announcement made by Train, people are speculating what big content creators might have signed with Kick. Is DrDisrespect one of them?

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Will DrDisrespect join the Kick roster? | © DrDisrespect; Kick

After getting asked by his fans, whether he will be among the big signings Trainwreck recently teased, DrDisrespect was quick to give a statement on his possible switch to Kick.

Kick is a growing livestreaming platform, that offers creators a lot of freedom regarding their content, as well as giving them a bigger cut of the revenue a stream generates.

After big names like Adin Ross and GM Hikaru announced that they will be joining Kick, Trainwreck announced even more big content creators signed with the new Twitch competitor.

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This begs the question, what other stars of the industry will be joining Kick.

DrDisrespect Responds To Fan Speculation

Being one of the biggest streamers on the internet, it is no wonder that people started to speculate, that Train's ominous announcement might refer to the two-time.

After he got outlawed by Twitch for nobody knows why, the Doc moved to YouTube and has been thriving there. If Kick was to offer him a nice contract for a non-exclusive contract, why wouldn't he stream on Kick?

Looking at how GM Hikaru is still allowed to stream on Twitch, it seems like Kick's strategy is to offer streamers a non-exclusive contract, so they funnel their audience over to Kick.

On March 29, the two-time finally responded to the rumors of a possible Kick contract, after fans kept pestering him about it, asking: “‘Hey doctor, are you going to Kick?'”

The Doc responded by mocking the fan, saying: “Shut the f*ck up! Stop asking! I’ll let you know.”

So we are going to have to wait and see, whether the Doc received a Kick contract.

From Kick's side, they love to keep it mysterious by making people guess. When Dexerto posted the clip of Doc telling his fan to "shut the f*c´k up" they responded with the eye emoji.

There should be no doubt that Kick is interested in bringing the two-time to their streaming-platform. The question isn't if they want it, but rather if they have what it takes to convince the Doc.

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