Streamer Beef: Adin Ross Tells Hasan To "KYS" In Not So Subtle Twitter Post

Adin Ross digs his own grave. He tells Hasan to "KYS". When cyberbullying goes wrong in any direction.

Hasan and Adin Ross
Adin Ross Tells Hasan To "KYS" In Not So Subtle Twitter Post | © Instagram

Adin Ross can not even properly cyberbully. He sens Hasan the picture of a rope, allegedly to kill himself with. The picture which was supposed to show the rope of a gallows, however, turned out to be a figure-eight knot, which is a knot used for rock climbing.

He also had an embarrassing spelling error in his tweet, because instead of "knot", he has written "not". Hasan's community laughing their butts off and doesn't understand why Adin would send him such a threat.

Adin Ross is known for streaming on Twitch and switching to Kick. There has been discussion about how streamers can change when they switch to a new platform with different rules and moderators as well as the high pay and that money can change a person so negatively

Some have criticized Adin for being "aggressively stupid" and for surrounding himself with people who may not have the best influence on him.

Adin Ross Tells Hasan To "KYS" In Not So Subtle Twitter Post

The head shaking of the streamer community does not stop there. Why Adin Ross wpuld send a threat like that to Hasan is puzzling. The gullible of the fans first thought that Adin Ross was inviting Hasan to join him for rock climbing because he shared a figure-eight knot, a common knot used in rope climbing. However, upon further consideration, they realized that Adin's intelligence was not particularly high, and I even know five-year-olds who possess more intelligence than him.

Adin will probably get the price at the end of the year for nicest Kick streamer (not). By switching to the other streaming platform, he seems to have dropped a facade and is now going completely unfiltered against anyone who he doesn't seem to like.