Andrew Tate Becomes Butt Of The Joke In Recent South Park Episode

Not only did Andrew Tate make it out of his prison cell, he even made it into a recent episode of the beloved cartoon Southpark, as the butt of the joke, though.

Andrew Tate
This was always going to happen | © Comedy Central

The controversial Influencer Andrew Tate recently made it into an episode of the popular satirical cartoon, South Park. During the episode, Tate got made fun off a LOT, but it looks like he would still be up for a collaboration.

South Park is well known for mocking celebrities, and it looks like Andrew Tate actually made it on that list. There's a lot to make fun off, just with his recent tweets from prison, including a boxing match with a ghost and his past live on Mount Wudan being only two examples.

South Parks Mocks Andrew Tate In Recent Episode

The episode had Stan's dad Randy meet the Romanian human trafficker Alonso Fineski, who pretty clearly was supposed to be the bald “mans-rights-activist”.

“I'm just trying to combat the messages the liberal left is putting out to young man about their male instincts being toxic” Randy starts off their conversation, leading up to an adventure full of toxic masculinity.

With this, Tate joins the likes of Kanye West, Barbra Streisand, Saddam Hussein and Charles Manson.

Even in prison (which he still was at the time) the TopG got wind of this and responded (still trying to get every tiny bit of publicity he can get).

Once proven innocent, Tate wants to “help create the greatest South Park episode of all time”. I don't know if he understands, that he is being mocked.

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Not really sure if the Cobratate will really be involved in the creation of a South Park episode at any point, but he might be featured in a couple more. The creators of the show love to make fun of controversial celebrities like him.

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