The Harvey Weinstein Of LoL: CookieLoL Allegations Explained

Popular Twitch streamer CookieLoL has been accused of multiple serious allegations, which include making sexual comments towards minors & scamming his employees and fans.

LoL streamer Cookielol is apparently abusing his influence to groom minors | © Cookielol

Is there a worse combination than creepy perverts and power? The Harvey Weinstein case brought it to the attention of the wider public, and now Jakob “Cookie” Fransson does the same within the streaming & LoL communities after serious allegations surfaced against the popular streamer.

CookielLoL Gets Exposed For Scamming His Community And Flirting With Minors On Discord

On April 12, 2023, a document surfaced, bringing up serious allegations against the 22-year-old. The accusations include several cases of him flirting with minors, scamming his community, lying to sponsors and more.

Cookie's content mainly revolved around the game League of Legends, both on his Twitch account and his YouTube channel. As a former pro player, he was able to quickly amass a large following and built his brand as a high level player.

Now the streamer is facing a set of very serious allegations as a 90-page-long document, compiled by former members of his community, details how he scammed his viewers and abused his power.

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One of the worst topics mentioned in the document, was how he “made his Discord server an unsafe place for his younger audience,” by making creepy sexual comments towards minors.

The allegations include a lot of screenshots of Discord chats showing CookieLoL making inappropriate comments towards minors, calling one a “sexual freak” and referring to another as a “pet”.

The document also provides screenshots of Cookie admitting he sexually assaulted an ex-girlfriend when he was 16, while talking to one of the girls.

CookieLoL Allegedly Scammed Viewers And Sponsors

All the grooming and sexual assault was already enough to give up on Cookie as a human being, but he didn't stop there. He also allegedly scammed his sponsors and fans regarding finances.

Not only did he owe his own employees' money, while talking about buying a new car, he also botted his streams to fulfill sponsorship quotas.

CookieLoL's Weak Response To The Allegations

Just a day after the document released, Cookie posted his response in a Twitlonger, claiming he wants to take accountability for his mistakes.

In his response, he admitted to “generally being a creep” looking back at the interactions with some of his fans.

Then again, he argues that the age of consent in Sweden was 15, therefore he didn't think there was anything wrong with how he behaved.

“At the time I had just turned 20 and she was about to turn 17, and I did not think there was anything wrong with sexually flirting with her.”

In the Twitlonger he also addresses the allegations of him sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend by explaining the situation, at least his perspective on the matter. Whether his explanation of the situation is the whole truth is up for debate, but with all the other allegations, it is hard to trust his point of view.

Regarding the payments, he simply makes a point out of being “extremely bad with payments”, promising to improve on that front.

Cookie's response was met with a lot of backlash, which prompted another tweet from him saying he “panicked and wrote a statement that probably felt insincere”.

He didn't take the backlash to heart, though, as shortly after he went live on a fully monetized stream, with people having to subscribe if they even wanted to voice their complaints in the chat.

He then released another statement, saying that he will take a break from socials, while still producing content for his YouTube channel. The first place he said he'll make a return on, is going to be his Patreon, which is pretty much a place full of supporters that are giving him money.

So not only does he intend to continue like nothing happened, he also wants to drown out the critics with a pay wall. He promises to do good deeds, but who tf is going to check that?

I'm not even going to talk about his apology video, as that was a big nothing-burger. One user sums it up perfectly by saying, "He's not sorry he did it. He's sorry he was caught".

CookieLol Returns To Streaming As If Nothing Happened

How very much CookieLoL did not care about his victims became even more apparent in his recent return stream, as he simply reprised streaming as if nothing happened, cracking jokes and simply... not addressing the situation.

This affirms critics of him, that stated that he was more sorry for being caught, than for his wrongdoings. CookieLoL also made damn sure, that nobody other than his fans would be able to type in his chat, by setting it on sub-only mode.

When one person in the chat asked if they, “can we talk about the elephant in the room?”, a mod replied, saying “I mean most subs are glad he is back, we just don’t see a reason to talk about it”.

Seems like Cookie even instructed his mods to play off the situation. The streamer also did his best to ignore the occasional chat messages asking about the situation, focussing on the game.

The CookieLoL situation once again highlights the precarious situation of minors online. Having popular content creators abuse their influence to groom and overall target their young audience with ill intentions should never be tolerated! If you are ever in a similar situation to those girls, just know that you can always find help! Get that help! If you don't know where to start, here is a link to The Cyber Helpline.

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