Twitch VTuber Snuffy Gets Banned For Showing Too Much "Skin"

Twitch VTuber Snuffy received a 24-hour ban from the platform after wearing a "suggestive" outfit during a stream, leading to criticism of Twitch's selective ban policy.

V Tuber Snuffy
Twitch VTuber Snuffy Gets Banned For Showing Too Much "Skin" | © Twitter

Popular Twitch streamer, VTuber Snuffy, was hit with a 24-hour ban from the platform after appearing in what Twitch deemed to be a "suggestive" outfit. The platform's policies on sexual content have been a contentious issue among the streaming community, with many accusing Twitch of inconsistent enforcement.

According to Twitch's community guidelines, sexually suggestive content is prohibited, and the platform evaluates each individual based on their behavior or activity, independent of what they are wearing. Snuffy's ban came just one hour after they tweeted an image of their model, accompanied by the statement "post hips to scare Twitch."

Twitch VTuber Snuffy Gets Banned For Showing Too Much "Skin"

In Snuffy's case, it appears that the outfit she wore on stream was deemed too suggestive by Twitch, leading to a 24-hour ban. The hips comment was likely a tongue-in-cheek way of acknowledging Twitch's guidelines and perhaps poking fun at them. However, it is important to note that Twitch evaluates each case individually based on the behavior or activity of the streamer, not just their attire.

Snuffy's ban has sparked controversy, with some fans and followers of the streamer rallying to their support and calling the ban unfair. Some have also accused Twitch of "cherry-picking" who to ban and who to allow to continue streaming, pointing to other high-profile streamers who have been banned and then unbanned or allowed to continue broadcasting despite similar or more explicit content.

As this is the first ban on Snuffy's channel, they will only be suspended from streaming for 24 hours. However, if Twitch deems their content to be in violation of their policies again in the future, the length of any subsequent bans could be longer.

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