Adin Ross Invites Donald Trump To Stream On Kick

During the recent UFC event, Adin Ross used his chance to get a few words in with former president Donald Trump.

Trump on Kick
Adin Ross and Trump share a single braincell | © Kick

During the recent UFC 287 Adin Ross was caught talking to former president Donald Trump. When the question of what the two of them were talking about came up, Ross answered that he invited him to his Kick stream.

For those of you who are yet unfamiliar with the platform, Kick is a new competitor to Twitch, backed by the online casino Stake. The platform promises a more creator friendly environment with more revenue and fewer restrictions.

Adin Ross Has A Message For Donald Trump

The UFC is one of the biggest fighting promotions out there, with some of the biggest names in the industry as well as high profile fans like celebrities, politicians, and even influencers attending their events.

This time Adin Ross was present as well, who was sitting not too far away from the one and only former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

During the downtime between two fights, Adin used his chance to have a little chat with Donald, expressing his love for the conservative politician. Not in a romantic sense, though.

When posted a picture of the two of them on Twitter, Adin revealed what they were talking about, saying: “Told him to hop on my Kick Stream”.

Seeing Donald Trump on Kick wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen. We were already treated to AOC playing Among Us on Twitch, so why not watch Trump doing gambling streams on Kick?

Okay, Ross might have been joking with his comment, but maybe it could still happen. In a recent stream, he revealed that he was simply expressing his respect for the orange politician.

We know Adin Ross was joking when he commented that he told Trump to hop onto his stream, but maybe we will actually see Trump join Kick in the future.

It would be absolutely epic, seeing Donald Trump fry noobs in Valorant lobbies with it being the real deal and not some AI voice-over.

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