Streamer Asks For A Thumbnail While Livestreaming His Own Arrest

The YouTuber JiDion was arrested in Houston while livestreaming on Instagram. And wile he did not resist the arrest, he did something very peculiar and pretty stupid.

Popular Streamer JiDion was arrested in Houston as he was wanted for trespassing. During the arrest, he was cocky enough to do the most YouTuber thing ever and asked the officer to pose for a thumbnail.

JiDion is well known for his over the top antics, like getting banned on Twitch for a “hate raid” against fellow streamer Pokimane. Even though the two of them talked things out, JiDion continues to cross the line with his “jokes”.

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That is also what got him a warrant for his arrest for criminal trespassing, after he crashed a college class for a prank video. Now this warrant has at last caught up to the popular YouTuber and he has been arrested.

YouTuber JiDion Gets Arrested While Livestreaming On Instagram

On April 16, JiDion got pulled over by a police officer and started streaming on Instagram, explaining the situation to more than 25,000 viewers.

“I’m about to go to jail,” he said. “Can you call Lawyer Mark? I haven’t paid off my warrant yet. It’s f***ing ridiculous because I could have went yesterday, but I wanted to make a video for you guys.”

During the arrest, JiDion continued trolling, going so far as to even ask the police officer “Is it cool if I get a thumbnail?”. While getting cuffed, he proceeded to pose in multiple positions while making the typical “shocked” face, you can see on YouTube Thumbnail.

He was lucky the police officer was such a bro and didn't mind him goofing around. He was even going to let him off with a warning, “but they want to place a hold, so you’re going to have to come with me”. “They” probably referring to the higher ups in the Houston department.

JiDion should be fine as soon as he pays off the arrest warrant, so he should be back online soon.

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