We're Getting a Terminator Survival Game

A Terminator survival game? That makes so much sense that I'm surprised it didn't exist already.
Terminator survival game
Looks good already. | © Nacon

When Conan Exiles was first announced, I was doubtful, I thought it was just going to be another license cash grab to capitalize on the popularity of the survival genre. Years later, and Conan Exiles is one of the best survival games out there.

Terminator Survival Game in Development

Outside of Conan, there is another major franchise that is even better suited to be turned into a survival game: Terminator. After all, Terminator is all about surviving the pending apocalypse. That, or... surviving in a post-apocalyptic robot world. Either way, the horror if Skynet makes for an amazing setting for a survival game.

So who's working on this Terminator game? Well, Nacon just established their new studio Nacon Studios Milan, and it seems that they are the ones taking on the ambitious project. Of course, none of this has been confirmed yet, but the concept art features Alamo Sport Shop, which... is conifrmation that it's set in the Terminator universe.

The image above is concept art, and you can check out the rest right here. Unfortunately, that is all we know at this point, but a game with a license this big, will certainly make waves, once it's further along in development. Let's see if Conan Exiles gets some licensed survival competition. On a side-note: I'm still waiting for that Fortnite survival game, which will be the ultimate licensesd survival experience...