The Last of Us Remake: Cutscene Leaked

A grim scene from Naughty Dog's upcoming The Last of Us Remake was leaked.

The last of us remastered
Take me back... | © Naughty Dog

So... if you haven't played The Last of Us yet, then let me warn you...: Spoiler alert. A crucial scene from the game was leaked that shows off what the game looks like with its new dressing. Honestly, I'm torn whether or not I like what I see, but... you be the judge.

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The Last of Us Cutscene Leaked

The scene was originally leaked by Tom Henderson on Twitter, and has since been taken down, thus the only way for us to show you is via a link, but be warned: Heavy, heavy spoilers - plus gruesome content.

Here is the leaked scene.

Honestly... that looked better in the orignal, but before I analyze, spoilers ahead: I feel like the faces are too exaggerated and the ragdoll on Sam looks kind of silly. The textures are non-existent, which leads me to hope that this is a very, very early build, but aside from it being an early build - I feel like Sam's body being shown so clearly here kind of takes away from the atmosphere. The original had his body in the shadows, which actually made the scene darker.

Outside of this little tidbit, we don't have much going on in the way of leaks for The Last of Us, but we do have some more info on the upcoming HBO adaption, which is set to release soon.