The Official God of War Cookbook Is Canon, For Some Reason

There is now an official God of War Ragnarök cookbook, featuring recipes based on the nine realms in the game. It also features exclusive artwork and lore! How... strange. Let's check it out.

Kratos and Atreus figures next to food
The official God of War cookbook is out now. | © Sony

Nowadays, every big franchise needs its own cookbook. It's easy money, why wouldn't you do it? There's a Game of Thrones cookbook, a Halo cookbook, all kinds of stuff. And now there's a collection of recipes based on God of War Ragnarök. A wonderful game, as you can read about in our review. And if you liked the game as much as we did, then this book is almost a must-have, because, and this is no joke: it features exclusive content.

Cook Kratos' Favorite Food & Enjoy Exclusive Lore With The GoW Cookbook

The book is out now. It's written by Victoria Rosenthal and Rick Barba, with illustrations by Iris Compiet and you can buy it here. It doesn't only feature over 60 recipes which are (loosely) based on the nine realms of Norse mythology, which you explore in the game. It also features "exclusive lore" told by Tyr and "never-before-seen art". So, yes... the cookbook has exclusive content and is apparently canon? Strange!

If you want to know everything about Ragnarök potentially coming to PC, check out this video:

But this definitely makes it even more interesting for fans of the game. If you're still looking for a Christmas present, this would be a pretty good pick.

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