Super Simple: How To Get Free Google Play Store Credits

Google Play Store credits can be used for games, movies, TV shows, and even books. Here's how to get credits for free!

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Right, first things first, this is a guide for everyone, even if you're sat there saying: "but I'm on iPhone, why do I need Google Play Store credit? I hate Android, and the people that use it!" The Google Play Store has a wide selection of films, shows, and books, which can be enjoyed on any platform. And you don't need an Android mobile to do this method for free Google Play Store credit.

Don't expect to rake in thousands of dollars a month doing this, but you can earn enough Google Play Store credit to rent films and buy games each month. Sound interested? Of course, you do, everyone loves free stuff. So let's get into the method!

Google Play Store: How To Get Free Credits

Google offers an app for both iPhone and Android called "Google Opinion Rewards" that pays out for each survey you complete, and don't worry, the surveys are short. In fact, they take about 20 seconds on average to complete, so we're talking in terms of seconds, not even minutes here.

The surveys can theoretically be about anything, but as someone who's been doing them for a while now, I can tell you the vast majority are going to be about your spending habits. A typical example I received today was about how much I would be willing to spend on certain gaming accessories.

Here's how to install and sign up:

  1. Follow one of these download links for your respective platform:
  2. Once the app is installed, open it, and sign in to a Google account
  3. You will then be asked for your postal code, your age, and your gender
  4. You will then be asked to turn on location services for the app (you don't have to, but we advise turning on location services, so you can receive more surveys*)
  5. Agree to the terms & conditions, and you're done!

*A lot of the surveys concern stores and deals that are in your area, so you get more to complete if you allow the app to know your location.

How Much Can You Earn Through The Surveys?

Google claims you can earn up to $1 a survey, but I've never seen a reward that high, it's closer to $0.10 per survey. Though, we aren't complaining, they really are very quick to complete, sometimes as short as three questions.

If you want to earn even more free Google Play credit, you could always sign up on behalf of your loved ones (if they let you).

How Will You Be Paid For Completing Surveys?

If you are on Android then your credit will be automatically transferred over to the Google Play Store, but if you're on iPhone, you'll be paid directly to your PayPal in hard currency. So it's weirdly better for iPhone users, despite being a Google app. However, if you are on an iPhone, you need to wait until you have $2 earned before you can pay out. So you can't just do one survey and immediately move over a few cents to your PayPal account, but it won't take long to earn $2.

How Often Will You Receive Surveys?

You will be sent surveys around once a week on average, but you might be sent far more if you're in one of the "golden demographics" or far less if you're in a demographic that typically has less spending power. Basically, if you're a teenage boy (and you admit this on the app) then you probably won't receive as many surveys because fewer companies expect you to be able to buy their products. Conversely, if you're a wealthy middle-aged parent, then there are far more companies interested in trying to sell you something.

Why Aren't You Receiving Any Surveys?

You might not have allowed the app to know your location, which would therefore discount you from any local surveys, or you could be part of a demographic with less spending power. As we mentioned above, certain groups, like under 18s, don't have as much influence on the market and companies care far less about their spending habits.

It's part of the terms and conditions of the app that you give the correct information about yourself, so this next part of the guide is useless. But according to the forums, the best chances of receiving the most surveys is by registering as a 45-55 year old women, and then answering surveys in such a way as to seem wealthy and educated. This is apparently the demographic that are worth most to the consumer market. But hey, none of you guys would go against the T&Cs, just interesting to know.

Okay gang, that was your quick guide to earning Google Play Store credit for free. It really does work, and the Google Play Store has competitive prices for film rentals, so it won't take you long to start reaping the benefits. Good luck on your surveys!

Now you've got some free credits, if only you could spend them on these shows:

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