V Rising Guide: How To Get Leather

V Rising is all about crafting and one of the most important materials is leather. Here's everything you need to know about leather in V Rising.
V Rising How To Get Leather
Here is everything you need to know about leather in V Rising. | © Stunlock

Leather in V Rising is a crafting material you'll need quite a lot of in the early parts of the vampire survival game. But unlike most of the other aspects of the early game, including crafting items, how to get leather isn't really explained. So, you and your sexy vampire character might be lost in the woods, wondering how to get your hands on that sweet, comfy, sturdy leather.

But don't fret: we will show you how to make leather in V Rising and what you need to do to unlock the ability to craft this material.

How To Craft Leather in V Rising

In order to get leather in V Rising, you will need to build a Tannery and use animal hides and skins there to make leather out of them. It's obviously not quite that simple, though. Of course not, this is a video game after all. So, you can't just build this structure immediately, you will need to unlock some requirements, including a quest line you will have to finish first.

How To Build a Tannery to Make Leather in V Rising

You will need to have a castle first. So go and build that, the tutorials should show you how. Now you will need to build a Blood Altar in the castle. Use the Blood Altar to track the boss called Keely the Frost Archer, who is at level 20. Defeat Keely in the Farbane Woods to unlock the Tannery.

You should at least match her with level 20 to make sure that the fight won't be too much of a struggle. Keely shouldn't be much of a problem anyway, but she is surrounded by annoying bandits who make the fight somewhat more complicated. So make sure you are prepared, have leveled up enough and carry good enough gear to sweep the floor with them.

V Rising Tannery
You will need a Tannery to make leather in V Rising. | © Stunlock

Once you've defeated Keely, you get the Tannery building recipe. You will need 8 planks and 160 animal hides to build the Tannery. Now you can add animal hides to the Tannery to produce leather. 16 animal hides placed inside the Tannery will produce one unit of leather. And that's all!